Sunday, June 8, 2014

Here are the archives for our tournaments we run

GGXXAC+R  5/10/14 (ps3 setup)

1st: Jason D
2nd: Mike Z
3rd: Render
4th: Numakie
5th: ShinATproof
5th: Bang Camaro
7th: Weatherbee
7th: DJ Azure
9th: Nostalgic
9th: Wing zero
13th: Stuff

Vampire Savior 6/6/14 (udcps2 setup)

1st: Diar
2nd: Juno
3rd: Rotanibor
4th: CD Ages
5th: Nostalgic
5th: Wing zero
7th: Jason D
7th: Midiman
9th: Bang Camaro
9th: Infected Cloud
9th: Weatherbee
9th: Mike Z
13th: Stuff
13th: DJ Azure
13th: Nekro Surge

Capcom VS Snk 2 6/6/14 (ps2 setup)

1st: Lawrence
2nd: Jason D
3rd: CD Ages
4th: poliswag
5th: Kilomax
5th: Juno
7th: Midiman
7th: Nostalgic
9th: Bang Camaro
9th: Mike Z
9th: Weatherbee
9th: Infected Cloud

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hello I am a bb,gg,p4u,mb,CC,vsav,etc player in the san fernando valley. Im looking for more people in my area who play these types of games because I don't like new capcom fighters and other big mainstream fighters which are the main games played in the Ultimate gaming center. The place provides a lot of monitors and systems which can fit like 100 people. What im doing to this place is that im hosting casuals/tournaments (depending on the game what players wanna play most) and bringing setups bi weekly on fri around 7pm-1am. During fri nights Mike Z and his skull girls crew go there and play skull girls so if you are a skull girls player this is the place. The venue fee is $10 for five hours or $5 for 2 hours. Parking is free. Im a player who used to go to Family Fun Arcade for anime fighters and im trying to bring back the scene at ugc.

I host the Under-Night Fridays venue and my friend CD Ages host the Classic fighters Friday venue for more info on CFF contact CD Ages at ( &

Here is the list of games I have: Under night fridays (unf)  & Classic Fighters Fridays (cff)
blazblue chrono phantasma (ps3) (unf)
gundam exvsfb(ps3) (yea i can use more setups for this game) (unf)
Guilty gear acp +R (ps3) (unf)
Melty blood aacc (pc) (unf)
Akatsuki Blitzkampf (pc) (unf)
TMNT tournament fighters (pc) (cff)
Ougon Musou Kyoku † CROSS(pc) (unf)
P4u (ps3) (unf)
*NEW* SF EX 1 & 2 (PS1) (cff)
Sf 3rd strike (ps3)(xbox) (pc)(cab)(dreamcast) (cff)
Kof 13(ps3)(xbox), kof 98(pc), kof 2k2(pc), kof 97(pc) kof 2k2um (x box) kof98um (xbox) (cff)
neo geo battle coliseum (xbox) (cff)
Vampire savior (dark stalkers 3) (pc)(ps3) (unf)
Mvc 2 (ps3)(dreamcast)(cab) (cff)
Ssf2 turbo edition (pc) (xbox) (cff)
Megaman power battle 2 (pc) (cff)
Samurai showdown 5 (pc) (cff)
Snk vs Capcom (pc) (cff)
Cvs 2 (ps2) (ps3)(dreamcast) (cff)
X men children of atom (pc) (cff)
Bloody roar 2 (ps3) (cff)
Sf alpha 3 (ps3)(pc) (cff)
Garou mark of the wolves (pc)(xbox) (cff)
shaq fu(pc) (cff)
gundam wing endless duel(pc) (unf)
mvc 1(pc)(xbox) (cff)
waku waku 7(pc) (cff)
cyberbots fullmetal madness(pc) (cff)
yatagarasu (pc) (unf)
capcom fighting jam (pc)(ps3) (cff)
sf alpha 2 (pc) (cff)
project justice (dreamcast) (all dreamcast at ugc have two dreamcast arcade sticks) (cff)
tech romancer(dreamcast) (cff)
soul caliber one (dreamcast) (cff)
plasma sword (dreamcast) (cff)
tekken 6(ps3) tekken tag 2 (ps3) (cff)
metal slug 1-5 (pc) (cff)
killer instinct 2(pc) (cff)
last blade 2(pc) (cff)
arcana heart 3(pc) (unf)
virtual on (dreamcast)  (cff)
power stone 1&2 (dreamcast) (cff)
shin koihime musou(pc).......yea im that desperate (unf)

the games im getting soon
aquapazza (ps3) (unf)

8551 Vesper Ave
Los Angeles, CA 91402
Neighborhood: Panorama City
(818) 825-0054